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Teeth Whitening for Summer

Why should you get teeth whitening for summer? Not only will you have a brighter, lighter and of course whiter smile for all of your summer events and pictures - but you will also have it for the rest of the year too! Wondering how? This is because when you choose the premium Enlighten teeth whitening system here at the Elite Dental Studio, we create custom teeth trays for your mouth that you can use again in the future to top-up your results with whitening gels.

The first step is coming in for an appointment so that one of our dentists can examine the health of your teeth and mouth. This is an important first step because if you have any cavities that need fillings, you cannot start your teeth whitening journey until these are taken care of first. If your teeth and mouth are in good shape at this appointment, we take a 3D scan of your teeth so that custom teeth trays can be made for your teeth whitening! These are clear and flexible trays with little dots in them that you inject teeth whitening gel into and wear overnight for at least two weeks.

Did you know that the Enlighten teeth whitening system is the only one on the market that guarantees you get the B1 shade of white (the most desired shade) for your teeth? Not only that, but the Enlighten home kit you get includes a desensitising serum toothpaste to prepare your teeth for the whitening, desensitising swabs if any particular tooth needs it during treatment and a stain inhibitor toothpaste to prolong your results after treatment. The kit of course also includes your teeth tray (along with a storage case) and the whitening gels too.

Teeth Whitening for Summer

So if you want teeth whitening for summer and beyond, be wary of the many online and shop bought teeth whitening kits that promise lasting results. They often give you temporary results as they bleach or dehydrate your teeth in the short term. But as the Enlighten teeth whitening gels can only be prescribed by a dentist due to their strength; they trigger a chemical reaction within the tooth structure which turns them white. Contact us to get booked in!


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