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What is the Air Polish treatment?

When it comes to dental hygiene treatments, we are delighted to be able to offer the popular Air Polish treatment (also known as Air Flow) to our patients! This is a premium form of dental hygiene treatment, a huge step above the traditional scale and polish. You can get this here at the Elite Dental studio - it is one of the four dental hygiene treatments that we offer (see them all on our Prices page here).

Just as the name Air Polish implies, this treatment works by blasting jets of air on the surface of your teeth. It is a painless treatment that is also quicker than the traditional scale and polish, working swifty to blast through the likes of plaque, tartar and calculus build-up. Using these concentrated blasts of air, our dental hygienist can be very precise and particular with their technique to give your mouth a thorough and effective clean with Air Polish.

One of the aspects that makes the treatment so popular is the fact that it is highly effective at removing and lessening the appearance of stains on the teeth. So if your teeth are stained from smoking or even a bit discoloured from the likes of regular tea, coffee and wine drinking - this treatment is ideal for you. It helps to lift these stains away, restoring the natural shine and clean appearance of your teeth before they became stained.

Due to all of the above, patients find that their teeth appear both brighter and whiter after treatment. Thanks to the removal of plaque, tartar and calculus build-up coupled with the powerful stain removal that the treatment offers; they feel more confident to smile and show off their teeth more after treatment. This is the reason we regard this as our ‘Diamond’ hygiene treatment as it is a premium way to care for tooth health and appearance.

What is the Air Polish treatment?

You can click / tap here to see all of our dental hygienist treatment types and the prices of them! Looking to find out any more information or to get booked in with us here at the Elite Dental Studio in Essex? Just click / tap here to get in touch with us!


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