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Can you whiten sensitive teeth?

Wondering if you can whiten sensitive teeth? The answer is yes here at the Elite Dental Studio dentist in Essex. We are proud to offer the premium Enlighten teeth whitening treatment here at Elite - with features built-in that are perfect for those with sensitive teeth. Not only this, but the Enlighten system guarantees that you get the B1 shade (the most desired white shade) for your teeth after only two weeks of treatment!

Desensitising Serum - the very first stage of your Enlighten teeth whitening journey at Elite is a scan taken of your teeth and mouth. This is used for us to create custom mouth trays that you wear with the whitening gels in them to whiten your teeth. After the scan and before you receive your trays, you use the desensitising serum which is included in your Enlighten teeth whitening kit. This serum is used like a toothpaste (and has a similar texture and consistency) and like the name suggests, it works to help desensitise your teeth before your teeth whitening with the strong whitening gels begins. You can also use this to brush your teeth during treatment too - a good idea if you need / want to keep tooth sensitivity at bay.

Desensitising Swabs - your Enlighten teeth whitening kit also includes desensitising swabs that give you an extra weapon in your fight against tooth sensitivity. Looking quite like cotton ear buds, these can be used during your teeth whitening treatment if you find that a particular tooth (or couple of teeth) are more sensitive than others after the whitening gel has been used on them. We should note that the gels themselves do not cause tooth sensitivity (they are safe, reliable and can only be prescribed by a dentist); moreso if you have any existing or underlying tooth sensitivity it can be triggered by this.

Can you whiten sensitive teeth?

Thanks to the consideration and care woven into the Enlighten teeth whitening system, those with sensitive teeth have an option to still white their teeth while making the process as comfortable as possible. You can see some of our before and after teeth whitening results in our gallery here and then click / tap here to get booked into the Elite Dental Studio!


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