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Dental Implants

Embark on a journey to restored confidence and seamless smiles with dental implants at Elite Dental Studio, spearheaded by the expertise of Dr. Benawra. Over the years, dental implant therapy has evolved into the gold-standard treatment for missing teeth, thanks to advancements in materials and surgical techniques.

But what exactly are dental implants? Picture a sturdy substitute for a missing tooth root, meticulously crafted to provide a steadfast foundation for replacement teeth. Made predominantly from titanium or titanium alloy, these implants form a harmonious bond with the bone, aptly termed as 'osseointegration,' ensuring long-term support for your new smile.

Who qualifies for dental implants? Virtually anyone with a missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or complete tooth loss can benefit. However, factors like bone volume, oral health, and medical history are carefully considered by our dental surgeon to tailor a personalised treatment plan just for you.

So, what does the journey entail? It's a three-phase process: First, meticulous treatment planning, followed by a minor surgical procedure to implant the fixtures into the bone. Then comes the restoration phase, where 'new permanent teeth' are custom designed to fit snugly over the implants, completing your radiant smile.

But how long does it take? Typically, the journey spans from four months to a year, depending on complexity and any additional procedures like bone grafting. For selected cases, we even offer 'immediate loading' implants, completing the treatment within a single day.

And the best part? Maintaining these implants is a breeze, akin to caring for natural teeth. Our team will provide you with tailored brushing and flossing techniques and schedule regular check-ups to ensure the enduring success of your implants. Ready to rediscover the joy of smiling? Join us at Elite Dental Studio and let us transform your smile – and your life.

Dr Benawra, Elite Dental Studio
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