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5 Signs of Healthy Teeth

You should always book in for regular dental check-ups and hygienist cleans to maintain and monitor the health of your teeth, gums and mouth overall. When it comes to dental check-ups, your dentist can spot any signs that may need further attention - such as decay in a tooth that may require a filling before the damage worsens. Regular attendance also means that your dentist knows what is ‘normal’ for your mouth and they can spot any other changes in terms of your oral health overall.

5 Signs of Healthy Teeth

Gum Strength

If you have consistent bleeding, pain or discomfort with your gums you need to book in and see us here at the Elite Dental Studio in Tilbury. This can be a sign of periodontitis (gum disease) and if left untreated can worsen and you may even lose teeth as a result. Our team of dental professionals can help.

Tooth Strength

If your teeth feel sore or even move a little while eating for example - we need to see you! This can be a sign that your gums or the roots of your teeth have weakened (as they both work to help hold your teeth in place). You should never have any pain or discomfort when using your teeth.

No Cavities

Quite an obvious sign of healthy teeth is having no cavities (also known as caries) in them. Like the name suggests, a cavity is a hole in your tooth caused by tooth decay that can get worse over time if not treated. This can lead to the nerves of your tooth being exposed and can then require a root canal treatment to ‘save’ the tooth.

No Bad Breath

Not only is bad breath unpleasant to those physically close to you, it can also be a sign of a cavity or infection. This is especially true if it remains persistent and does not go away over time. Some patients also report a persistent ‘bad taste’ in their mouth and this can also be a sign that you need a check-up / hygienist appointment.

Shade of Teeth

Yellowing teeth may be a sign of thin enamel or even plaque build-up. Either way it can be a sign that a tooth / teeth are in need of some attention to help them get healthier and even more aesthetically pleasing. Especially when it comes to plaque build-up, a dental hygienist appointment is needed here - click / tap here to see our prices.

5 Signs of Healthy Teeth

Here at the Elite Dental Studio in Essex (Tilbury), we can help with all of your dental and oral care needs. Our team consists of friendly and experienced dentists, dental nurses, dental hygiene specialists and more who are here to help. You can click / tap here to get in touch and get booked in to work on your teeth and smile!


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