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Dental Hygiene Treatments at Elite

When is the last time you have had your teeth professionally cleaned at a dentist? While brushing and flossing everyday is of course important; it is also recommended to book in for a hygiene clean to help remove build-up of plaque and even calculus on teeth. This is because simple brushing and flossing at home cannot completely eliminate these aspects. Along with all of the above, your dentist / hygienist can inspect the health of your teeth and mouth overall at your appointment.

Gold (Standard) - from £51

Ideal to get that dental attention, squeaky clean and almost ‘shiny’ feeling, this dental hygiene treatment can bring your oral and teeth care beyond the basic. It is recommended to book in for a treatment like this and the dental clinician can advise when to see you again for it.

Diamond (inc. Air Polish) - from £102

Our popular Diamond treatment included the use of air polishing. The air polish aspect is amazing at helping to remove stains and discolouration while also working to brighten and lighten your teeth too. You should notice lovely aesthetic results after the Diamond treatment.

Gum Treatment (30mins) - from £51

Feel like your gums need some extra attention? If so, you can book in for our gum treatment which places a focus on this area and treats them as needed. If your gums are painful, bleeding and / or inflamed, this is the treatment that would be recommended.

Gum Treatment (Dentist) - from £102

Following on from the above, if you feel your gums require treatment from a dentist due to a pre-existing issue or condition (or perhaps something has changed and you are having some symptoms); this is the treatment for you. Make sure to book in as soon as you can.

Dental Hygiene Treatments at Elite

Do not neglect your oral health and hygiene as keeping on top of it with dental hygiene appointments and treatments can only be a good thing. You can click / tap here to get in touch with our friendly team and to get booked in!