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Invisalign in Tilbury

You can get Invisalign in Tilbury here at the Elite Dental Studio! We are a Platinum provider of Invisalign - meaning we have helped hundreds and hundreds of patients to straighten their smiles with the clear and discreet Invisalign trays. Treatment is quick (as little as three or four months in some cases), comfortable and effective. So if you have been thinking to get a smile of stunning straight teeth, get in touch as we can help!

When you get Invisalign with us, we start with a scan of your teeth and mouth so that your Invisalign trays can be custom made for you. They are created to take into account every aspect of your smile and every aspect of how you want your teeth and smile to look too. That is why you change to a new tray every week (you change it yourself at home) as they gradually guide your teeth into their straighter position until treatment is completed.

invisalign in tilbury elite dental studio tilbury

Invisalign brings great results for patients and they often can’t believe how easy the process is. Many wish they did it sooner as it gives them the confidence to smile and they don’t feel like they have to hide their teeth in photos, in video and in person ever again. For those interested in teeth whitening, it makes sense to have Invisalign first beforehand so that your teeth are in a perfect position to then become the perfect shade of white.

Invisalign in Tilbury

You can click / tap here to start with a FREE online Invisalign consultation! We also offer different payment plans and financing options too, so you can discuss this at your consultation or find out more about the two options on our home page here. Start today and before you know it you will have the smile of straight teeth that you have always wanted - with our friendly team who are also a Platinum provider of Invisalign!


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