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How to get a Smile Makeover in 2022

If you are looking to get a smile makeover in 2022, we here at the Elite Dental Studio in Essex (Tilbury) can help! Our friendly and experienced team can work their magic to transform your smile - bringing to life the smile aesthetic that you have always dreamed of! Here are some of our most popular treatments that can help:

Invisalign - we are a Platinum provider of Invisalign, meaning we have helped hundreds of patients so straighten their smiles with the clear plastic aligners. The trays are custom made for your mouth (we take a scan here at the practice first) and they work to discreetly guide your teeth into a straight position. As they are clear and you can remove them to eat and drink, you can straighten your smile in secret without anyone knowing!

Teeth Whitening - the perfect way to improve the colour of your teeth, teeth whitening is another popular smile makeover technique that we offer at Elite. Our professional system works by triggering a chemical reaction in your teeth that causes them to appear less yellow and more white. This is far more effective than generic and over the counter options such as some brands of strips and toothpastes that dehydrate your teeth for short-term results.

Composite Bonding - in order to tweak the overall size and structure of your teeth, composite bonding is a great solution. It works by applying layers of the white composite material (the same material used for white fillings) to your natural teeth to build upon them and edit their shape and size. Our dentists offer this here at Elite and it makes for some fantastic results as can be seen on the pictures above and below!

How to get a Smile Makeover in 2022

Make this year the year you get the smile you have always dreamed of - and the smile you deserve! Here at the Elite Dental Studio in Essex (Tilbury); we can offer the treatments you need and you can also choose to pay per month with our finance plans!


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