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Does composite bonding damage your teeth?

Wondering does composite bonding damage your teeth? The answer is no! Unlike dental crowns and veneers which more often than not require some of your natural tooth structure to be removed / filed down so they can be placed; composite bonding does not require this.

What makes this treatment (also known as composite veneers or cosmetic bonding) more unique is the fact that it works by building upon your natural teeth. Your dentist applies layers and layers of the white composite material onto the surface of your teeth in a process that is almost like painting. They build up these layers upon your teeth and can improve the aesthetic of your teeth in many different ways.

Size - if one or more of your teeth appears smaller than the others, the composite can build upon the tooth to make it more even and uniform in terms of size.

Shade - if any of your teeth have a blemish / discolouration / mark, composite can be used to cover over this and match the shade of the surrounding teeth.

Shape - maybe one or more of your teeth is quite a different shape to others and if so the composite material can be manipulated to match the neighbouring shapes.

Sharpness - we can also treat just the edges of your teeth if they are too sharp and jagged and instead make them more smooth and even at these edges.

Symmetry - overall the treatment works to make all of your teeth more even, uniform and symmetrical in terms of size, shade and shape altogether.

Composite bonding does not damage your natural teeth. In fact in many ways it protects them as it adds a layer on top of them. We offer this popular treatment here at the Elite Dental Studio in Essex (Tilbury). You can click / tap here to contact us and get booked in!


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