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Composite Bonding in Essex

Composite bonding, known also as composite veneers or cosmetic bonding, is a very popular treatment. With it, you can leave the dentist chair with a brand new smile of pearly white teeth - most times taking only one appointment to complete! So if you are looking for composite bonding in Essex, our friendly and experienced team here at the Elite Dental Studio in Tilbury can help!

What is composite bonding?

This is an aesthetic / cosmetic dental treatment that works to improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. It does this by applying layers of white composite material (the same material that is used in dental fillings) to your teeth. By doing this, our dentists can shape your teeth and add more bulk and uniformity to them - greatly improving their appearance! Think of this treatment as the perfect smile makeover treatment that doesn’t damage your natural teeth.

How can composite bonding help my smile? If you have uneven and jagged teeth (especially at the edges), the treatment works to make them smooth and even by applying the composite material where needed. It can be advised to complete teeth whitening beforehand so that the composite material can be made to match this white shade and bring the best results for your teeth and smile. Note that with this treatment, the full front of your teeth or just the edges can be treated (whatever is needed).

How long does composite bonding take?

It keeps getting better . . . most patients have their composite bonding complete in only one appointment! Once our dentists have checked your teeth (and if you want to complete teeth whitening beforehand), when you come for your composite bonding appointment you can leave after the appointment with your brand new smile! Treatment can be completed in just one session, letting you finally get the smile you have always dreamed of!

Composite Bonding in Essex

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