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This section should contain everything you need to know about the dental treatments offered at our practice, however if your questions have not been answered, please contact one of our team who will be glad to assist you.


We offer a full range of preventive and cosmetic dentistry. Each surgery is equipped with technology to help us diagnose when treatment is required and explain the treatment options to you.


We may suggest referral to a particular specialist, if this is appropriate – for example orthodontic treatment, complex root fillings and implants.


NHS treatment for adults and children is undertaken by all of our dentists. Full details of the treatments available on the NHS, and the associated costs, are displayed within the practice. A leaflet on NHS charges is available at reception.


Our dentists also undertake private dental treatment. Patients already registered with the NHS may wish to mix some private treatment with their NHS treatment - for example, cosmetic treatment which is not available through the NHS.

Price List

Click below of the prices relating to dental treatments.

Practice Plan

We will soon be offering plans for patients to allow them to pay a set amount each month and receive some treatments at no extra cost.


To register your interest, please complete the contact form on the contact us page with 'Practice Plan' as the subject.

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