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iTero Scanner in Essex

iTero is the name of a modern digital scanner used in dentistry to scan a patient's teeth and mouth. In fact it is not a traditional x-ray scan in that it actually instead takes hundreds of photos of every tiny part of your teeth and mouth to form a fully 3D map of your mouth instead. With this ‘map’ of your mouth we can see all of your teeth and gums in 3D and this is also what is used to get your custom Invisalign and teeth whitening trays made.

We use the iTero scanner here in the Elite Dental Studio so if you are looking for the iTero scanner in Essex, you’ve found it! It is quick and easy to use as it is handheld and your dentist can use it to quickly and effectively build a full picture of your teeth to help plan the perfect smile that you want. As mentioned above, the map of your mouth can be used for the following popular dental treatments:

Invisalign - the clear and discreet Invisalign trays are custom made for your mouth and it is the iTero scan that helps to get these made to measure absolutely perfect for our patients. We are a Platinum provider of Invisalign having helped hundreds of patients to straighten their smiles - and the use of the iTero scanner is a great help with this.

Teeth Whitening - as our teeth whitening is a professional dental system that can only be prescribed by dentists, it goes beyond the basics compared to most online and over the counter kits. You get custom mouth trays created for your teeth whitening as you are given strong whitening gels to put in the trays and wear every night for a couple of weeks to get a beautifully brighter, lighter and whiter smile!

iTero Scanner in Essex

This modern and effective scanner is just one of the many ways that we have invested in the best dental technologies and brands for our amazing patients here at the Elite Dental Studio. Don’t forget that if you want to have a smile makeover with us, you have the option to pay per month with our manageable finance plans. Click / tap here to contact us to get booked in!


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